Head Message

The agribusiness management , an innovative programme of the Utkal University has been developed with the noble objective to architect agribusiness professionals and to fulfill the demand for global business by providing management education catering to the changing needs of the modern agriculture and its allied sectors.

Our aim is to produce promising and bright young entreprenuers and managers by imparting quality management education. A dream is a perfect bliss and the interpreter of our inclinations. It is specifically so if our dream is about education which in real sense is the soul of the society as it passes from generation to generations and the best way to serve and uplift the mankind.

No doubt that scientific advancement and technological innovations have made the global scenario interesting and amazing but serious and demanding problems have also been generated side by side. Quality education can contribute significantly for the overall development of the students by motivating, inspiring and encouraging the young minds to have holistic vision that includes academic, socio-cultural and professional activities.

It is the urgent need of the contemporary age which is highly volatile and viciously competitive. Final goal can only be achieved with right judgment. CAM provides excellent opportunities and learning environment to cherish good qualities that makes easier for the students to acquire good skills, abilities and attitudes to excel in diverse areas of the personal and professional progress.

Prof. B.B Mishra.

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