Course Fee

Fee & Expenses :

The course fee for 2 year program is Rs. 2,96,000/-(approx.) payable in two installments. The fee for international students and students sponsored by NRI's / PIO's is $11,500. This does not include mess charges, hostel rent & electricity , transporting charges and other personal expenses.

Loan Facilities :

Majority of the students admitted to the course previously have availed the educational loan from various Banks.

Sponsored Candidates :
In the admission process, sponsored candidates are given due weightage for their experience.Candidates can take admission under the following five categories of sponsorship:

(I) Sponsored by the Agri-Input Companies and Agri- Business Corporates.
(ii) Plantation owners.
(iii) Sponsorship by Central and State Governments.
(iv) Sponsorship by International agencies and SAARC countries.
(v) In addition to above, candidates can also be sponsored
by NRls and PIOs.
Last Date of Submission of Application Form:-20/06/2018
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