About Us

The Utkal University, established in the year 1943, is the 17th oldest University in India. Its present campus at Vani Vihar, is located on a sprawling 399.9 Acre in the heart of Bhubaneswar. At present there are twenty-seven Post- Graduate Departments located in the University Campus for Post- Graduate studies and research in various disciplines of science, Humanities, Business Administration, Social Science , Law and Commerce.

Our Mission

“To support all agribusiness organizations, institutions and community at large to enhance their effectiveness through our educational and other professional activities”

Our Vision

To develop CAM in to a Complete Agribusiness Management institute addressing the issues of agricultural education,consultancy and research and to create a platform for various aspirants to learn, improvise and deliver their services for better sectoral prospect in the region.


To achieve academic excellence in the field of Agribusiness Management, Project Management of agriculture and allied sectors and on farm and off farm enterprise developments.
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